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Professional streamers and gamers worry that Twitter’s new direction may greatly impact the quality of gaming content that appears on the platform.
Last year alone discussions about gaming generated 2.4 billion tweets all over Twitter, but as the platform evolves under Elon Musk's ownership, both professional streamers and gamers fear what a new direction could mean for gaming content. Wide scale changes to the Twitter platform are already effecting 200 million active daily users, and rippling out across the gaming industry as a whole.
Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter has been far from smooth, especially after the billionaire fired nearly half the platform's workforce. Despite past concerns over Twitter's censorship policies, multiple creatives from various outlets claim the new Twitter is destroying the features that made so many users successful. For gaming content creators, losing the marketing side of the platform (Twitter Gaming) has led to a sea of concern and confusion about Twitter's future in relationship to original gaming content.
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Twitter used a secretive strategy to reach gamers on social media, and didn't openly advertise Twitter Gaming, even though that branch of the platform did exist. Twitter Gaming organically replied to gaming related tweets, and promoted both content creators and specific events, all while flying under the radar. The goal of Twitter Gaming was to make money for the platform, but often the influence of this marketing effort ensured that streamers and studios got a lot of attention from gamers around the world.
Already Musk's immediate changes are having a negative effect for game developers, as Nintendo and Valve found themselves in a state of chaos with blue checkmark trolls. Combine the Twitter Blue chaos with the loss of Twitter Gaming, and just how the gaming community will interact via Twitter has changed dramatically. In the past Twitter Gaming collaborated on events like the League of Legends World Championship and the annual Video Game Awards, but already the Video Game Awards social platform has been changed to Discord to avoid concerns about the state of Twitter.
Musk, in an attempt to monetize the platform, began pushing for the Twitter Blue verification program which costs $8 a month. This was used in an attempt to convince content creators that Twitter's revenue possibilities were endless. However, shortly after its rollout Twitter verification has been suspended due to impersonators causing chaos in protest of the cost.
While content creators hoped the verification would be a way to increase their revenue, they find themselves unable to become verified as engagement has sharply dropped off. Many users have stated that Twitter charging for verification is a huge mistake, and decided to leave the platform entirely. Gaming content creators that relied on Twitter engagement now worry that without a new promotional strategy, their future is uncertain.
Musk has shared a grandiose vision of Twitter, and even suggested using the platform for PvP gaming. However, the evolution of Twitter may come at great cost to gaming content creators. Without engagement and promotion, these streamers are losing an important way to engage fans.
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Source: Washington Post
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